Gatchaman Crowds Insight: Ichinose Hajime’s breasts and atmosphere’s rival

#I didn’t remember utmost anything about Gatchaman Crowds (first season)

+Why wasn’t I disturbed by Ichinose Hajime’s breasts?
I thought this was weird, usually I felt no disturbed oof big breasts only if I read/watch Yuri. Honestly I still feel disturbed by my waifu’s Purple Heart appearance, though a bit. Maybe the cause wa Berg-Katze’s existence in Hajime’s body. If he said a thing, the vieww would be focused at her chest. Somehow my brain thought he lived inside that chest (or maybe I was right?). And aso I thought her personality was unique. What’s this? I am lost? But my waifu will never change, no cheating!
+The keyword had been revealed since the first episode (SPOILER may exist)
This series, Insight is about ‘atmosphere’. It started to be a serious problem in eight episode. Never thought that ‘atmosphere’ would be a rival of ‘(individual) view’. In a thread in KAORI Nusantara forum, I said that ‘view’ is the main factor determine someone’s way of thinking. But ‘atmosphere’ seems dominant because ‘view’ can be easely changed. It looks like they change each other so that ‘atmosphere’ is yhe rival of ‘view.’