MLPD: No Chance for Anticommunism!

Marxist Leninist Party of Germany (MLPD) creates a six-part film series “No Chance for Anticommunism!” Four parts have been released. The English version of this series, as well as the German original, can be watched on their Youtube channel.

No chance for anti-communism! | English versions

“Anticommunism is a deeply undemocratic, intolerant and reactionary world outlook. There will be no socialist revolution and no victory over capitalism without overcoming it.” – Opening statement of Stefan Engel for “Lenin like a red rag to a bull?”

My sexuality

Coming out? I’m a queer.

I never expected I will come to a conclusion that I am a queer. People who reject traditional gender identities and seek a broader and deliberately ambiguous alternative to the label LGBT may describe themselves as queer (Wikipedia, “Queer”). I’m 19 now (birthdate: May 5). In my old post (“I’m Indonesian but I love Yuri”), I told my story concerning sexuality. When I was 14, I was falling in love (having a romantic feeling) to a male friend. At the same time, I was liking a female friend. I still have a feeling for them, yet I never confess (I will! But my feelings are rather different now so it’s not to get a yes). That post was my self-proclaim as a yuri fan. I liking yuri has no influence on me liking the two since it happened before my proclaim.

How did I come this conclusion? I kept asking myself about my sexuality (more precisely my sexual orientation). Once I entered university, I got chances studying this (no, I actually studied yuri @_@” ). This kind of logic (what logic?) below took me to this conclusion.

  • Am I a heterosexual? I doubt I am. I do see some girls (&womans \(~o~)/ ) attractive, but I develop no romantic feeling.
  • Am I a gay? I doubt I am. I do see some guys attractive, but no difference.
  • Am I a bi? No. The two above explain it.
  • Interested being a trans? “I adore females! I want to become like them!” That’s me in elementary school. I still like cute (feminine) things, but I’m not sure. I’m grateful the way I am now.

What left is queer. It’s likely I don’t fit to any stated above (so it’s my only choice (°-°) ). I love yuri and read lots of yuri texts. Yeung Kayi’s thesis (2017), “Alternative Sexualities/Intimacies? Yuri Fans Community in Chinese Context” explains it. Briefly, I embrace an alternative sexuality, a pure relationship named Yuri love. A pure relationship involves mutual self-disclosure to each other in which their trust is built upon communication and the mutual disclosure (Giddens, 1991 in Kayi, 2017: 125).

What is queer, anyway? =_= I don’t really understand what it is. It’s just what the logic (what logic!?) leads me. I have tendencies to care my relationship with males more than females. Does it mean I am a gay? I’M A GAY! SERIOUSLY! But if we see homosexuality (and heterosexuality) as a continuum, everyone is gay (and heterosexual) at some point. Is it necessary to make this distinction in the first place? Yes, but…

Asexual? I think… I’m.. not an asexual. No. I read lots of R-18 manga, after all (@_@).

Gatchaman Crowds Insight: Ichinose Hajime’s breasts and atmosphere’s rival

#I didn’t remember utmost anything about Gatchaman Crowds (first season)

+Why wasn’t I disturbed by Ichinose Hajime’s breasts?
I thought this was weird, usually I felt no disturbed oof big breasts only if I read/watch Yuri. Honestly I still feel disturbed by my waifu’s Purple Heart appearance, though a bit. Maybe the cause wa Berg-Katze’s existence in Hajime’s body. If he said a thing, the vieww would be focused at her chest. Somehow my brain thought he lived inside that chest (or maybe I was right?). And aso I thought her personality was unique. What’s this? I am lost? But my waifu will never change, no cheating!
+The keyword had been revealed since the first episode (SPOILER may exist)
This series, Insight is about ‘atmosphere’. It started to be a serious problem in eight episode. Never thought that ‘atmosphere’ would be a rival of ‘(individual) view’. In a thread in KAORI Nusantara forum, I said that ‘view’ is the main factor determine someone’s way of thinking. But ‘atmosphere’ seems dominant because ‘view’ can be easely changed. It looks like they change each other so that ‘atmosphere’ is yhe rival of ‘view.’











I remembered the time I being asked what vocaloid is. I couldn’t give a good proper answer but I was honestly speaking up about vocaloid. My answer was it’s a software to make the vocal for song, but the reality I didn’t say clearly so that the person who asked it got rather wrong impression about what vocaloid is. Therefore, then I planned to prepare a nice answer if I being asked the same thing in the future.

If we talk about Vocaloid, it has two meanings. First, Vocaloid as a vocal-synthesizing software. Those voices are supplied by voice banks refer as vocalist, for example Miku
Hatsune. Each voice bank has many different versions, for example Miku Hatsune or Hatsune Miku has V2, V3, V3 ENGLISH, etc. Those V2 and V3 are respective version based the version of the Vocaloid software. The Second, Vocaloid as a unique type of songs. This means any song that its vocal provided by Vocaloid vocal bank(s) is called Vocaloid song or simply call it as Vocaloid. Peoples who work in the creation of vocaloid song are called producer, it includes the provider of illustration, music(s), and movie if any.

Well, it looks like a bit long. Let’s shorten it!

“Vocaloid has two meaning. First, it as a vocal synthesizing software. The second, it as a type of song that use Vocaloid software in its producing.”

Not good enough?

I am Indonesian but I love Yuri



Good day to everybody who have or want a good day. This is my written rant, “I am Indonesian but I love Yuri.”

So let’s start this by explaining what Yuri is. Yuri is a japanese word means Lily. Yuri that I talk about refers to love between girls or most-known as lesbian. Yup, I love it. For certain I just love it in fiction, like novel, manga, anime. I’m a weaboo, after all. And I had lost my sexual interest at heart. Put that aside and let’s continue!

Yuri or Girls Love is classified into two in Western: Yuri and Shoujo Ai. Some peoples think that Yuri is hard-core (sex included) and Shoujo Ai is soft-core. But their actual meaning are actually same, unless Yuri come together with NSFW (nudity). I like to call shoujo ai as Subtext, though it seems the actual meaning of it is rather different. If you want to know more about Yuri, please ask the experts (search engines included). I’m not the expert, sorry. For me both yuri and shoujo ai are same, so if I say yuri, it refers both of them.

Around 2 months ago, LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexsual, and Transgender) became a popular discussion in Indonesia. Most peoples denied the existence of LGBT in society. They thought LGBT broke the Indonesian young-generation’s moral and character. Well, I’m neutral. I don’t think this is good, but I don’t think this is bad either. So I decide to be neutral. Surely Indonesia wouldn’t accept LGBT for now. You know most muslims live here. Homosexual or ‘liwath’ isn’t accepted in Islam. About moral and character, mine was already broken. Let’s leave this LGBT matter and get back to the Yuri!

Why did I love Yuri? Umm, the reason was not interesting and actually boring. I call the love between boy and girl as ‘normal’. Being an abnormal or weirdo is unique and special, you know. In that day (WHAT DAY AND WHEN!? I don’t remember). I was a middle schooler and (a little) active member of KAORI Nusantara. I found a Yuri club, I took a look one of the threads in the forum, and read the introduction of Yuri. I got myself interested to yuri, yup I joined the club. I saw Hardakito written in the club members list and a small Yuri banner placed on my profile. Wow~ I was active for a month or two, then became a silent member. That was me in every internet community. I’m more like observer now, write an opinion if I want to. Although I was a middle schooler, I had read a few NSFW (+ sex too) Yuri mangas. Unfortunately I don’t remember the titles so that I can’t add them into my manga list in MyAnimeList. What ever, it’s fine. Oh yeah.. If you don’t mind, visit my MAL profile. To be honest, I got my self addicted to Yuri just a week or two before that LGBT thing. I had lost my interest to the normal (IRL) and had no intention to roll back to a normal. Yup, I lose my desire to human. Forget it, it isn’t important!

Why was Yuri interesting for me? Umm, I had addicted to girls since I was child, really. I loved observing them and wanted to be born as girl also that time. A few peoples around me made a joke of me as a girl born as a boy, because my rather girlish attitude. Ah, I don’t care about it. I also had interest of both girl and boy when I was middle schooler. Well, I was a bisexual, huh? LOL. Don’t need to worry about that, I had cured it by myself and of course by the help of the God too. Alhamdulillah. My addiction of girls was moved from humans onto fictional characters after I became a weaboo. I love watching all girls anime, but I’m no fan of idols. See them in good relation is a happiness. And the most happiness is coming from their love into each others. Oww, the power of empathy is so strong! Yuri is really entertaining. It’s unique and the most important is less (or no) ‘normal’. Having no couple because of this isn’t matter, I’m fine perfectly (I hope).

What kind of Yuri do I love the most? Umm, exactly I haven’t particular one. I usually read Yuri mangas with slice of life, school, comedy, or romance genres. I like them, peaceful life is good. But I like the opposite too, for example Shoujou Shikoku where a lot of paired girls killing each other pairs (I gave it a perfect score). You can conclude that Yuri mangas scored 10 are the most I love, but that isn’t a proper answer to this question. So let me review some aspects would determine that.
First, its art. I’m selective in art of mangas I want to read. The score would drop if the art isn’t good enough. Second, the story. I place story in second priority after art usually. The most important parts of this are the girls relation and its development. I take Hana to Hoshi for example. NO SPOILER, I hope. A story about the protagonist’s one-sided love and her effort to change this unmutual love. There are a few conflicts and the comedy gives extra excitement. unfortunately the story doesn’t focused to the sport, table tennis (if you look for it). In general, Hana to Hoshi is enjoyable for anybody who look for school life, light comedy, or Yuri. Third, the characters. I like girls with girl looking, I mean they don’t resemble boy a lot. I like untied hair, if tied I prefer twintail. Short haired or long? Both are good. Animal tail or ears? I prefer cat, but I like rabbit too. I love pettan, flat-chested is the best and big breast is acceptable specially in Yuri. Young and little girls are great. I’m a (pervert) lolicon but no pedophile, so I don’t like sex including little girl though it’s a yuri. In short, I love cute girls. For psychic, I love innocent, honest, and reliable girl. The example of such figure is Haru in Gouhou Yuri Fuufu Hon. Anyway, psychic has relation to dere types, does it? I like them except Yandere. It’s scary but sometime make the story be entertaining more.
The summary. The Yuri mangas I love the most must have good art, cute girl characters in physic and psychic, also nice story development. A good example for these is Yuri Yuri. Ah! About Yuri anime I can’t speak, because I’m new to non-subtext Yuri anime. For novel, I just read Sonohabira. Never play Yuri visual novel or eroge.

Never expected psychological novel would be very exciting

I wrote this after completed reading the third chapter of last volume of Utsuro no Hako to Zero no Maria (The Empty Box and The Zeroth Maria) novel. It’s a novel with psychological, horror, and supernatural. I went crazy as the protagonist who’d keep himself remember and remembering the girl he loved, though the situation forced him till death to forget her. I laughed like person enjoyed reading comedy story. Why? It’s because a simple phrase, “400,000th time”. If a year same as 365 days, then 400,000 days = 1000 years + 35,000 days = 1000 + 70/73*100 years. People would lost humanity if tortured endlessly for that long.

I’m new to psychological-genred novel. I just had complete a single novel had this genre so far, and it’s a oneshot. I started interested to psychological genre since I completed Iris on Rainy Days. So what’s interest me? It’s usual thing I cared, how the story affects the reader’s psychic. Expressive person may cry, curse, angry, and such by read a story, but I found this genre is much effective to do this job than stories without it. I really wanted to know this more, it’s as exciting as energy matters! I recalled a sentence, ‘pen is mightier than a sword’. Eh, really? Pierce people heart with words?

Human heart in machines @Sci-fi

I quickly opened Kingsoft Office and write this while I was almost crying of unexpected thing. I was reading a novel, ‘CtG (Cradle to the Glaive)’, it’s about boy and girl who married in game have a child given by the system. I was realizing the child can understand ‘family’, when I just reached in the middle of first chapter of the first volume. The child makes two exact copy of origami her father made but bigger, and a mushroom-like origami. Before she does that, she thought the origami made by her father is herself. Now there are a little Yokko 1, two bigger Yokkos, and a mushroom-like origami. After thought for awhile, I realized that the little one is the child, the bigger ones are the parent, and a mushroom-like one is a NPC (looks like) which take care of the child if her parent are offline. (Sorry for the spoiler)
I had interest to human-like nonhuman recently :3 I mean robot or such which has human-like appearance and attitudes. This similar case can be found in popular animations, like Sword Art Online and Log Horizon. For recent animations there are Plastic Memories (artificial heart) and Dimension W (imagine robot and human melt into one: artificial heart, organs, and even blood cells).
Sci-fi surely is interesting.
The second case, the child is very angry to the robber who bother her most waited time to play with her parent and attacks him with knives her father gave (inside game certainly). This case has negative side too (in the chapter one’s ending).
I won’t give much spoilers for the sake of peoples who haven’t read this. Baka-Tsuki has its English translation.

Iris in Rainy Days, a good novel I recommend about human-like robot.


  1. It’s written as 奴(やっこ) or Yakko, it is the name/title for servant of Samurai family from Edo period. (BakaTsuki )

Endless chain of revenge

Scouting is ran by the 2nd graders and their leader is my classmate. I still remember a moment when I realized the dark side of this extracurricular. Some of them in my class were discuss something. It seemed they would do something, but they were look for a proper reason to protect themselves. They planned to use similar reason which their upper class used when they were 1st graders, “We felt the same thing as you when we were 1st graders”, surely something like that.
Actually I cared nothing about their conversation. But when I heard this by accident, I felt really angry. I imagined if this keeps repeat. I couldn’t hold myself, I shouted “If you do that, there will and endless chain of revenge.” They dumbfounded and I have forgotten what happens next, but I still remember there was a girl supported my selfish ideal.
I do understand a little how their feelings are. They didn’t like what their upper class did to them in the past. But they couldn’t express it and end up did a revenge to their underclassmen. As ignorant I never care to something like this, however I can’t accept this. This case somehow remains me to Kagerou Days song.
So, I really hope this cycle can be stopped. It’s for the future sake.