Human heart in machines @Sci-fi

I quickly opened Kingsoft Office and write this while I was almost crying of unexpected thing. I was reading a novel, ‘CtG (Cradle to the Glaive)’, it’s about boy and girl who married in game have a child given by the system. I was realizing the child can understand ‘family’, when I just reached in the middle of first chapter of the first volume. The child makes two exact copy of origami her father made but bigger, and a mushroom-like origami. Before she does that, she thought the origami made by her father is herself. Now there are a little Yokko 1, two bigger Yokkos, and a mushroom-like origami. After thought for awhile, I realized that the little one is the child, the bigger ones are the parent, and a mushroom-like one is a NPC (looks like) which take care of the child if her parent are offline. (Sorry for the spoiler)
I had interest to human-like nonhuman recently :3 I mean robot or such which has human-like appearance and attitudes. This similar case can be found in popular animations, like Sword Art Online and Log Horizon. For recent animations there are Plastic Memories (artificial heart) and Dimension W (imagine robot and human melt into one: artificial heart, organs, and even blood cells).
Sci-fi surely is interesting.
The second case, the child is very angry to the robber who bother her most waited time to play with her parent and attacks him with knives her father gave (inside game certainly). This case has negative side too (in the chapter one’s ending).
I won’t give much spoilers for the sake of peoples who haven’t read this. Baka-Tsuki has its English translation.

Iris in Rainy Days, a good novel I recommend about human-like robot.


  1. It’s written as 奴(やっこ) or Yakko, it is the name/title for servant of Samurai family from Edo period. (BakaTsuki )